Keld to Reeth 13 miles

We started the day off with a lovely rainbow just as we were heading out the door from Butt House (B&B) The weather report wasn’t great, with them calling for high winds and heavy rain. We decided to do the lower route which was by the river and not the mines walk higher up. Shame really since i would have loved to see the ruins, maybe next time I am up this way.
We followed the river to the village of Gunnerside where we found a tea room opened. (they are surely on the radar!) We had a quick bite and we were off again, heading up a higher path. This one took us through woods for a mile or so until we were back into fields. Worked our way down to road level and walked the main road for another mile and a half until I found the river walk again. My heel started bothering me with walking on roads and also it was quite busy so I decided to take the river walk into the Reeth. We arrived right in front of our hotel/pub together. Reeth looks lovely. It has a huge village green in the centre and wonderful old stone houses and shops around it.






The last photo is all of us celebrating the half way point in the C 2 C!!


Kirkby Stephen To Keld 12.3 miles

A steady ascent up the hill to Nine Standard Rigg. Talk about windy, we could hardly stand up let alone take photos. We did manage. From there we trotted across bogs after bogs after bogs. I don’t care if I even see another one. There is only so much mud one can take. The hard thing about it was knowing where not to put your foot. Needless to say most of us ended up with wet feet.

We also had a great day map reading. Not one single time did we loose the path. Well done!

About 3 miles away from Keld, we stopped on the first farm in sight. This was Ravenseat where there is a lady who serves cream teas. On a DVD about the coast to coast walk filmed about 6 years ago they showed this lady who at the time had 4 small children. Well, 6 years on she is now up to 7 children! How she does it all is hard to believe.

Trying to upload photos again. Maybe I will be lucky and get them on today.

Orton to Kirkby Stephen and other places 16 miles

We had a wonderful B&B last night. I sleep like a baby, actually better than that, more like a log! We met Kate about 9am on the corner of our road and went on our way to find the path for today. We found it without any trouble but managed to miss a turn quite early on and found ourselves quite close to the top of a hill that we weren’t suppose to be. After this small detour of maybe close to 2 miles, we were off on the right path. Weather again was pretty kind most of the way. We had a bit of rain around lunch time and during our lunch, but no enough to do any damage. What is really amazing is the vast land that is just moors and fields. One could walk miles without seeing a house or road. As we drew closer to Kirkby Stephen there was a couple in front of us doing the C to C and without thinking we follow them, big mistake! We missed our turn and ended up probably doing another hour of walking to get back to where we were suppose to be. To say we were tired is an under statement! What make it worse was Kate and I had booked a massage in town for 5pm. After checking into our B&Bs and throwing on street clothes we made it! I had a Sport Massage and it was heaven. Far better than anything in Thailand, well maybe. All I know is I never needed one like I did today.

Again, same trouble with uploading photos at night. It is the most busiest time since everyone is on the internet as well. Will try again tomorrow.

Shap to Orton 8 miles

We had a late breakfast of 8am and had to run out the door to meet up with Kate by 9am who was staying at the King’s Arms. We all met up on the bridge that crosses the M6 (it was the first one Stu but I think you can take both) The landscape couldn’t be more different from what we were walking through yesterday. Hard to believe it can change in such a short distance.

We had two ladies join us most of the way to Orton. They were suppose to be heading to Kirby Stephen but decided that they would stop in Orton and then continue by bus or taxi from there to Kirby Stephen. Since this was a very short walk, we ate our lunch on the village bench and decided to sightsee everything that was worth seeing. For a small village it had quite a bit to offer. The best was the chocolatier. Of course no one in our group wanted to go but we felt we need to help the community as much as we could. I had a lovely hot chocolate and we each bought 2 pieces of chocolate as well. It was very difficult to choose. After that we found a gallery and a deli.