Well, it’s been awhile….

The idea with this blog was to keep in touch with those of you who aren’t on Face Book on my Coast to Coast walk a few years ago.  Also, I wanted to keep a clear record.  Over time, I can forget where and when the photos were taken and so on. Once back home I thought of keeping the blog going but as usual life starts to take over and before I knew it a couple of years have gone by.

I thought I would start again since I will be doing another long distance walk this summer with my son. “The Dales Way”.   It won’t be nearly as long as the C2C, just under a week. We will start on the  24th June and finish up in Windermere on the 29th.

dales-way-map.gifThe funniest bit of this is we will be staying in the Lakes the week before and I would rather had been able to start from Windermere but I had a very hard time coming up with a company that would deliver the bags along the route without charging a small fortune! So it will be a mad rush down to Ilkley by lunch and we will have to stop by the first B&B to drop off the bags.


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