The Finish Line, Robin Hood’s Bay 21 miles

The sun was shining as we left Glaisdale which is the same as when we left St. Bee’s two weeks ago. We all knew that this was another long walk To Robin Hood’s Bay today. The path takes you through Little Beck which was magical, if only we had more time to stay but the sea was calling. we actually reached the coast about 4 miles north of RHB. Why the path goes North is beyond me. I guess Wainwright wanted to make you really earn it on the last day.
We arrived in Robin Hood’s Bay about 5pm. Stopped in an Off license for the bottle of Champers and heading to the sea. We threw in the stone that we picked up at St. Bee’s and stuck our boots in the water. Then headed for a rock to toast the event. Great feeling and so glad I did it. Thanks for all your support!!

Until next time………….





5 thoughts on “The Finish Line, Robin Hood’s Bay 21 miles

  1. Fabienne russell

    Well done to you all. Have been following your progress from the warmth of my bed everyday thinking how brave you are. You must be feeling on a cloud.



  2. kimvis1

    Sorry to come in late with the congrats, but well done, what a fantastic thing to have done. Just the walk up at RHB, would have killed me! I am really impressed Sue and just can’t wait until you start your coast-to-coast walk across the US (didn’t you know I had signed you up for that?). Looking forward to seeing you back home in BKK.



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