Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale 21 miles

We really only had to climb one hill for this walk. Most of the path was walking on top of the Moors. Grouse were everywhere. They sure make a funny noise when they fly off. I can’t say I have ever seen one in person.
We stopped at the Lion Inn, in Blakey. This is the most isolated pub I have ever been to and probably in the whole of the England. It is sitting at the top of a Moor with nothing else around for 16 miles. We were very lucky with getting our meals. Just as we were being serve the electricity went off. No food and no water. So lunch was by candle light.
Weather-wise, it was cold, grey and rainy. The woollen hats came out and the gloves. The next 10 miles were hard work. Put your head down and kept walking. Tomorrow is the last day and I am sure my feet will be very thankful. Long soaks in the bath with glasses of wine are planned for Saturday!

The sun came out for 5 minutes!




2 thoughts on “Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale 21 miles

  1. Maria Haworth

    You wil be glad today is the last day, how unfortunate that the weather has gone so cold, but you did it through rain, wind and some sunshine, well done all of you. The photos are great. Look forward to hear all about it on Tuesday. M xx



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