Keld to Reeth 13 miles

We started the day off with a lovely rainbow just as we were heading out the door from Butt House (B&B) The weather report wasn’t great, with them calling for high winds and heavy rain. We decided to do the lower route which was by the river and not the mines walk higher up. Shame really since i would have loved to see the ruins, maybe next time I am up this way.
We followed the river to the village of Gunnerside where we found a tea room opened. (they are surely on the radar!) We had a quick bite and we were off again, heading up a higher path. This one took us through woods for a mile or so until we were back into fields. Worked our way down to road level and walked the main road for another mile and a half until I found the river walk again. My heel started bothering me with walking on roads and also it was quite busy so I decided to take the river walk into the Reeth. We arrived right in front of our hotel/pub together. Reeth looks lovely. It has a huge village green in the centre and wonderful old stone houses and shops around it.






The last photo is all of us celebrating the half way point in the C 2 C!!


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