Kirkby Stephen To Keld 12.3 miles

A steady ascent up the hill to Nine Standard Rigg. Talk about windy, we could hardly stand up let alone take photos. We did manage. From there we trotted across bogs after bogs after bogs. I don’t care if I even see another one. There is only so much mud one can take. The hard thing about it was knowing where not to put your foot. Needless to say most of us ended up with wet feet.

We also had a great day map reading. Not one single time did we loose the path. Well done!

About 3 miles away from Keld, we stopped on the first farm in sight. This was Ravenseat where there is a lady who serves cream teas. On a DVD about the coast to coast walk filmed about 6 years ago they showed this lady who at the time had 4 small children. Well, 6 years on she is now up to 7 children! How she does it all is hard to believe.

Trying to upload photos again. Maybe I will be lucky and get them on today.


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