Orton to Kirkby Stephen and other places 16 miles

We had a wonderful B&B last night. I sleep like a baby, actually better than that, more like a log! We met Kate about 9am on the corner of our road and went on our way to find the path for today. We found it without any trouble but managed to miss a turn quite early on and found ourselves quite close to the top of a hill that we weren’t suppose to be. After this small detour of maybe close to 2 miles, we were off on the right path. Weather again was pretty kind most of the way. We had a bit of rain around lunch time and during our lunch, but no enough to do any damage. What is really amazing is the vast land that is just moors and fields. One could walk miles without seeing a house or road. As we drew closer to Kirkby Stephen there was a couple in front of us doing the C to C and without thinking we follow them, big mistake! We missed our turn and ended up probably doing another hour of walking to get back to where we were suppose to be. To say we were tired is an under statement! What make it worse was Kate and I had booked a massage in town for 5pm. After checking into our B&Bs and throwing on street clothes we made it! I had a Sport Massage and it was heaven. Far better than anything in Thailand, well maybe. All I know is I never needed one like I did today.

Again, same trouble with uploading photos at night. It is the most busiest time since everyone is on the internet as well. Will try again tomorrow.


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