Shap to Orton 8 miles

We had a late breakfast of 8am and had to run out the door to meet up with Kate by 9am who was staying at the King’s Arms. We all met up on the bridge that crosses the M6 (it was the first one Stu but I think you can take both) The landscape couldn’t be more different from what we were walking through yesterday. Hard to believe it can change in such a short distance.

We had two ladies join us most of the way to Orton. They were suppose to be heading to Kirby Stephen but decided that they would stop in Orton and then continue by bus or taxi from there to Kirby Stephen. Since this was a very short walk, we ate our lunch on the village bench and decided to sightsee everything that was worth seeing. For a small village it had quite a bit to offer. The best was the chocolatier. Of course no one in our group wanted to go but we felt we need to help the community as much as we could. I had a lovely hot chocolate and we each bought 2 pieces of chocolate as well. It was very difficult to choose. After that we found a gallery and a deli.






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