Patterdale to Shap 15 miles (11 hours)


We knew this was going to be a long day and it sure was. We had an early breakfast at 645am and was out the door about 730am. Weather was dry but cold and grey. Paths were still like mini rivers but we are getting use to it now. It was a good steady walk up to Kidsty Pike. This is the highest hill that we go on this walk. So I guess you can say it is all down hill from here. Getting down hill was a bit of a scrabble. In one part it is slow going for sure. We don’t want any twisted ankles or such things. When Stu and I were here last month I decided to hide some candy bars for today since we were walking pretty much the same walk. We found a old sheep fold and wrapped the candy bars in a plastic bag and buried them under some rock in the fold. We did this twice, one before Kidsty Pike. That one didn’t make it, some little animals must have been in need of chocolate but the second ones were all in tack. Two of the ladies enjoyed them for their break. The sun started shining as well which made the day even better. It is a long walk along side of Haweswater but beautiful and the rest of the walk to Shap was rolling hills and cows. In two places there were coolers put out on the path from a kind farmer. Inside were drinks and Kendal Mint Cakes. When we came across one for the second time. I said to Kate, if there was a Cider inside I was having one (didn’t think for a second that there would be) there was!! Kate I shared one and I am sure it helped us get the rest of the way to the B&B.

Again it seems to be another night when I can’t upload photos. Will try again in the morning before setting off.


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