Grasmere to Patterdale

Woke up to “Real” rain which means coming down like cats and dogs. Luckily by the time we were packed and had breakfast it was down to a drizzle. My friend Sheila from Grasmere came and joined us for today’s walk. A true friend or either mad to come out in this weather. The walk today was not as bad as yesterday’s with the bogginess or the amount of small rivers down the paths. We headed around Great Tongue, up to Grisedale Tarn and down along Grisedale Beck which was a raging river today. Quite a few hard crosses of streams that had turned into mini rivers. Still it was beautiful in a wild way even with the winds and drizzle. Time flew for me since I spent most of our walk catching up with what was new with Sheila and before we knew it we were in Patterdale. Checked in our B&B and then found the shop that is well known with Coast to Coast walkers for their out of this world Million Dollar Shortbread. I just had to stop in and buy us girls some. If it is still around by tomorrow I will be surprised


Will try again with uploading photos.  It seems almost impossible with my iphone tonight



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