We are here in St. Bee’s

I would love to post a photo, and I did take a few but I am struggling to get the camera hooked up to the internet here in the B & B to upload to the Ipad. (I did say this is a learning process).

We left Shropshire about 930am and made great timing up to the Lakes and then got behind every tourist and tractor that travelled about 30 mph. All in all it took about 4 hours. St. Bee’s in is the middle of no where. Saying that, the sun was shining when we arrived and Stuart and Kate and I had our small picnic by the sea. Sharon and Lois arrived at the tiny train station about 3:30pm and after dropping off the bags, we wandered down to the beach to have a good look of where we would start the walk tomorrow. I do think we are all kind of pinching ourselves that the day has finally arrived and I am feeling quite excited and scared. We had a lovely meal at Lu Lu’s right next door to our B&B and after writing this, I am hitting the sack for a early morning wake up. The plan is to hit the beach and the path at 830am. Weather is suppose to be sunny and then Bertha is suppose to hit sometime on Sunday, (Bertha is a hurricane coming from the States, got to love the name!!) If we are lucky we won’t be getting the heavy rain and gales up North. It is suppose to hit the South. I am praying…….

Hopefully photos tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “We are here in St. Bee’s

  1. Veronica Varley-Millward

    Hope the weather is kind and you don’t get lost!, say hello to Blacksail I go there each year at the end of October, it then closes for winter. good luck girls, I’ve never done it. keep smiling.

    Veronica x



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