Getting back on the trail again

After having a few weeks of touring and sightseeing but no training  I thought it was long over due to hit the road.  Not that I didn’t walk in Edinburgh because I did.  In fact after walking my sister in law back to her hotel, I managed to  get myself lost trying to find an interesting way back to my hotel.

20140717_225812_5_bestshotThis is the view from our hotel so you would think it would be pretty easy to find the castle and head that way.  It took me over 30 mins. to find that hill.  Still it was an interesting walk back.

A few days later we took the ferry over to Ireland and drove up to North Ireland to stay with some good friends.  I have never really done any of the sights there and since the weather was wonderful it seemed a shame not to.  We were to Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge and the Giant Causeway.  Quite a bit of walking.

20140725_203944 20140725_213418Being back in Shropshire this week and putting off doing any walking with loads of excuses of housework, gardening and whatever else I could come up with, I forced myself out this morning.  Also the weather report calls for rain for the next 2 days and I didn’t really want to soak myself through yet.  I am sure that will come sooner than later.20140725_213418

Trying to find the path was the hardest thing today.  Middle of the Summer and everything is growing like crazy.  Locating the Shropshire Way signs were not always easy either.

IMG_0315 IMG_0319 I didn’t miss this one!IMG_0321All in all, I did about 10 1/2 miles today and managed to get home just in time to get the laundry in before the rain came.   Depending on the weather tomorrow, I will see if I can get out again.


3 thoughts on “Getting back on the trail again

  1. Ross Cain

    Sue, Sue, such a great thing to do…. GB has some amazingly beautiful and scenic (and some a little challenging) trails… Ahhh, brings back some memories for me….

    Do you have an itinerary of your adventure…?

    PS can you navigate : orienteer ?

    Ross x


  2. kimvis1

    At last, a bit of action! I’m just a bit worried about how you are going to find you way across the UK. If you can’t manage to find your hotel, maybe you should invest in a bloodhound before you set off! Happy Training (er and washing!).



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