Well, it’s been awhile….

The idea with this blog was to keep in touch with those of you who aren’t on Face Book on my Coast to Coast walk a few years ago.  Also, I wanted to keep a clear record.  Over time, I can forget where and when the photos were taken and so on. Once back home I thought of keeping the blog going but as usual life starts to take over and before I knew it a couple of years have gone by.

I thought I would start again since I will be doing another long distance walk this summer with my son. “The Dales Way”.   It won’t be nearly as long as the C2C, just under a week. We will start on the  24th June and finish up in Windermere on the 29th.

dales-way-map.gifThe funniest bit of this is we will be staying in the Lakes the week before and I would rather had been able to start from Windermere but I had a very hard time coming up with a company that would deliver the bags along the route without charging a small fortune! So it will be a mad rush down to Ilkley by lunch and we will have to stop by the first B&B to drop off the bags.

The Finish Line, Robin Hood’s Bay 21 miles

The sun was shining as we left Glaisdale which is the same as when we left St. Bee’s two weeks ago. We all knew that this was another long walk To Robin Hood’s Bay today. The path takes you through Little Beck which was magical, if only we had more time to stay but the sea was calling. we actually reached the coast about 4 miles north of RHB. Why the path goes North is beyond me. I guess Wainwright wanted to make you really earn it on the last day.
We arrived in Robin Hood’s Bay about 5pm. Stopped in an Off license for the bottle of Champers and heading to the sea. We threw in the stone that we picked up at St. Bee’s and stuck our boots in the water. Then headed for a rock to toast the event. Great feeling and so glad I did it. Thanks for all your support!!

Until next time………….




Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale 21 miles

We really only had to climb one hill for this walk. Most of the path was walking on top of the Moors. Grouse were everywhere. They sure make a funny noise when they fly off. I can’t say I have ever seen one in person.
We stopped at the Lion Inn, in Blakey. This is the most isolated pub I have ever been to and probably in the whole of the England. It is sitting at the top of a Moor with nothing else around for 16 miles. We were very lucky with getting our meals. Just as we were being serve the electricity went off. No food and no water. So lunch was by candle light.
Weather-wise, it was cold, grey and rainy. The woollen hats came out and the gloves. The next 10 miles were hard work. Put your head down and kept walking. Tomorrow is the last day and I am sure my feet will be very thankful. Long soaks in the bath with glasses of wine are planned for Saturday!

The sun came out for 5 minutes!



Ingeby Cross to Clay Bank 11.5 miles

After reading what I wrote last night, I know that I was shattered. It is wonderful what a good sleep can do. This morning the feet had recovered and were feeling almost human again.

The first part of the walk today was through the wood. Lovely greens with the sunshine streaming in. Unlike yesterday this was a rolling hill walk. After a few hours we were in the moors. Again, so different from yesterday.

This is what greeted us at one of the gates yesterday. Someone has a sense of humour!

The Blue Bell, what we needed to help us up the hill to our B&B

Boots off and flip-flops on!

Where we came from

Finally getting a glimpse of the North Sea





Tomorrow is another very long day of 20 miles and this time it isn’t flat so I may be struggling again to get the blog done on time

Richmond to Ingeby Cross 26 miles

We left at the crack of dawn since we knew that this was going to be a very long day The sun was shining most of the time, and luckily just a few slight showers. We walked along the Swale River for the first part and there was a detour because of roadwork around the A1. This probably added an extra mile or two. This was followed by very long walk through fields and fields. We started to play Country Bingo and any other games we could think of to take our minds off our feet! Just before we found the B&B we found the Blue Bell Pub and had to stop in for a half pint of cider. This surely helped all of us for getting up the big hill to the B&B.

Photos later.

Reeth to Richmond 11miles

It was a shame to leave Reeth. It is a beautiful village and the sun was shining even if it was down right cold for August. It was an easy walk today, one because it was only about 10/11 miles, two, because it was pretty straightforward path. Again the weather was kind to us with the rain only starting as we walked into Richmond. After checking into my B&B I had a great walk in Richmond. I had a look at the castle and had a good walk about through the Market Square. Loads of interesting shops that I had to go in a few.

This is the village of Reeth

The highest climb today


A walk in the wood


Our first glimpse of Richmond

Keld to Reeth 13 miles

We started the day off with a lovely rainbow just as we were heading out the door from Butt House (B&B) The weather report wasn’t great, with them calling for high winds and heavy rain. We decided to do the lower route which was by the river and not the mines walk higher up. Shame really since i would have loved to see the ruins, maybe next time I am up this way.
We followed the river to the village of Gunnerside where we found a tea room opened. (they are surely on the radar!) We had a quick bite and we were off again, heading up a higher path. This one took us through woods for a mile or so until we were back into fields. Worked our way down to road level and walked the main road for another mile and a half until I found the river walk again. My heel started bothering me with walking on roads and also it was quite busy so I decided to take the river walk into the Reeth. We arrived right in front of our hotel/pub together. Reeth looks lovely. It has a huge village green in the centre and wonderful old stone houses and shops around it.






The last photo is all of us celebrating the half way point in the C 2 C!!

Kirkby Stephen To Keld 12.3 miles

A steady ascent up the hill to Nine Standard Rigg. Talk about windy, we could hardly stand up let alone take photos. We did manage. From there we trotted across bogs after bogs after bogs. I don’t care if I even see another one. There is only so much mud one can take. The hard thing about it was knowing where not to put your foot. Needless to say most of us ended up with wet feet.

We also had a great day map reading. Not one single time did we loose the path. Well done!

About 3 miles away from Keld, we stopped on the first farm in sight. This was Ravenseat where there is a lady who serves cream teas. On a DVD about the coast to coast walk filmed about 6 years ago they showed this lady who at the time had 4 small children. Well, 6 years on she is now up to 7 children! How she does it all is hard to believe.

Trying to upload photos again. Maybe I will be lucky and get them on today.